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Dr. Von Wankenstein's Masturbation Challenge

2015-06-01 17:31:22 by Mia

After ages of not making anything, mainly because I'm a lazy bitch, I finally got off my arse and made... this. 


It is beatable, just as an FYI. 


If you want the music for whatever sickening reason, it's all available here:

Buton Game 4 HD Status

2015-03-04 15:21:10 by Mia

Yeah, I said the 25th of Febuary, I lied, BanglaBoy96 has been really busy IRL with college so it's possible you may have to wait until Summer to get your BG Fix. As for any solo projects I won't say No, but I won't say definately since I'm not too motivated to work on Flash at the moment. 

Coming Soon

2015-01-14 17:17:11 by Mia


Button Game TRILOGY Walkthrough

2014-12-02 10:34:43 by Mia

Hey folks, it's been over a week since BG Trilogy came out and I've been getting a lot of PMs asking me how to do this, that and stuff so I'm gonna make this post a walkthrough for all the missions. 


Button Game 1:

0: Be sure to say YES to SAZA. 
1: Click SAZA. You should be able to figure this out since he appears 2 seconds before. 
2: Click the Middle Duairt. 
3: The green cap Private Crappy
4: The Hidden Button is left of the Out of Order Button, and the correct Lotto numbers are 09 11 23 32 07 07 each time. 
5: Keep clicking Draw Stick's Hair
6: SAZA's Minion's Quiz: 

  1. 2
  2. Click on SAZA's Minion. 
  3. You had 5 choices

Then keep clicking SAZA's Minion to beat him in the fight. It's not a hard boss. 

7: Click the 2c coin
8: Click the cheesecake, when given the choice, choose the chocolate bar, click the cheesecake to resume eating, and then say "It tasted like shit!"

9: Here are SAZA's Locations: 
1871840_141753200483_bgShot017.png1871840_141753202732_bgShot018.png1871840_141753206081_bgShot019.png10: Here is the correct button:

Button Game 2:

0: Be sure to say Yes! To Ho-Ho-Bo.
1: Just keep clicking the lollipops. 
2: Drag and drop the brick, Baybo and the 2c into the bin. 
3: Here is the location of the hidden button:
4: Just quickly click each wart on the guy's face. Don't dilly dally. 
5: Here are Traller's Locations:
6: Boss fight with Tween, like SAZA's Minion just keep clicking. 
7: Drag and drop the kids to Ho-Ho-Bo's sack at the bottom left.
8: Repeatedly click the barrels, move quickly though.
9: Drag and Drop the kids to the hole in the truck on the left of the screen.
10: Boss fight with Ho-Ho-Bo, he's more challenging than previous appointments, just repeatedly click. He can kill you easily if you dilly-dally.
11:  Repeatedly click on the truck, be careful as the time limit is rather tight. 
12: Keep clicking the pump handle. 
13: Click either the Acid or the watering can. They both work. 
14: Top right, messy, mouldy Santa hat.
15: Here is the correct button (It's in the same location no matter how many are on screen): 

Button Gam3:

1: Keep clicking Sebass. You can choose to kill him or not at the end. 
2: Shoot Mr. Tayto in the Head.
3: Keep clicking the moustache.
4: Drag the ground out of the way and click on the coffin, then drag away the cover. 
5: The second note from the left is the correct one. 
6: Click on all the shit and piss before time runs out. 
7: This one is so hard even I had trouble my first time. I can't help you here, sorry. 
8: Repeatedly click the cow's udder. 
9: Click the detonater. 
10: Click the table and then click the DVD. Be quick. 
11: Quickly click on all the warts. Surprisingly easier than the one in BG2. Originally there were a lot more, but BanglaBoy made me remove them as he couldn't beat the mission. 
12: Search around for Puca. I'm not posting screenshots as time isn't of the essence here. 
13: Drag away the bottom right oval.
14: Near the top left there is a red oval surrounded by purple ones. Drag it away to reveal the button. 
15: Fight with Death, be sure to say "Never!" and prepare for the hardest fight in the game. You'll have to click really fast as only 2 attacks from Death can kill you and he has multiple HP Bars. A good trick is to use one hand to move the mouse, and your other hand to click the button repeatedly extremely fast.  
16: Click the beer bottle, when it's done pouring click the glass repeatedly. 
17: There is a kid on the left of the building, on top of the building, and behind the tree. Their faces are poking out. 
18: The kids are in the far left barrel, the middle barrel, and the far right barrel. Ignore the others or you could run out of time.
19: Boss fight with SpongeKnob. Be sure to click "Shut up and die.", and then repeatedly click as usual. He's much easier than death. 
20:  You can right click to get a glimpse of where you are in relation to the lightswitch. Click it. 
21: Here is the correct dot:
1871840_141753360843_bgShot081.png22: You have to navigate the maze, there's no way to cheese it, but I added guides that periodically let you know where your mouse is. (Trust me, it was much harder without then).
23: Mouse over the Confirm button a few times and click it when it's stationary. 
24: Keep clicking the egg. 
25: Go through the maze, be sure to click the red buttons but don't click outside them or BOOM. The end of the maze is quite tricky so take your time and you can beat it. 

Secret Button Game:

This is unlocked after you beat Button Game 1-3. 

1: Keep clicking Jar Jar Binks.
2: Be sure to say "No" to Muzzy. Then it's just a simple boss fight. 
3: Boss fight with Fred Thin. It's best to aim for the head as his body is thin. Hence the name. 
4: Roll over the blue dots, just be careful as there are a few tricks. 
5: Click no. Screw you BanglaBoy :P 

Button Game Demo: 

1: Top right SAZA. 

And that's it.

Other advice I can give is:
- Make sure you go back to the main menu after beating BG Secret and BG Demo as you'll get medals. 
- There's a medal for clicking the O and N in the "Button Game Trilogy" logo on the main menu.
- There's also a medal for clicking all the links to play the original games on the main menu.
- There's a medal for pressing tab during any of the games except Demo. 


2014-11-21 14:08:15 by Mia

That's right folks! It's out this second! 



ANOTHER Button Game Trilogy UPDATE

2014-11-15 19:59:16 by Mia


It's still out on the 23rd, and as far as the game is concerned it's 99% Complete. We literally just need to add some bonus features (Literally a few frames of text and graphics that are already drawn), a tiny bit of polish here and there, and we're done. 

We have also tested all the medals, and they all work, and BanglaBoy96 wasn't lying out his ass (I wouldn't blame you for not putting it past him) when he said there were 500 points worth of medals. There are. 

I can definately say that this has probably the most effort put into it out of any game I've made ever. (Excluding stuff which never got released, and I want to say Button Game Tales, but that was YEARS ago and I could shit out my contribution to that in an hour these days. )

I genuinely hope you'll all like it. A special effort has been made to make the humor accessible to everyone, as with a lot of mine and BanglaBoy's older work a lot of the humor was injokes we had made, which made little sense to anyone playing. 

The graphics, while not up to par with the best of NG, are still an improvement, and the game still flows better than our previous works. 

I'm not gonna say it's a perfect game, it's not, but it's definately not shit, and it's definately above most of mine and BanglaBoy's previous work on a technical/practical level. 



Just in case you thought we'd given up! Nope! We've even set a release date, November 23rd! This is also (by total coincedence, I'm sure :P) the 5th anniversary of Button Game 1 on Newgrounds. 


Anyway, until next time, have more screenshots!


Button Game Trilogy REMASTERED!

2014-10-24 15:34:49 by Mia

Greetings, all. BanglaBoy96 and I are back from the dead to update you on our newest project. We have teamed up once again to bring you:


A full 1080p remake of Button Games 1-3. It even runs at 60fps. Not even joking. 

Both BanglaBoy and I are collaborating on different aspects. We both have art in the game, I did most of the programming, BanglaBoy has rewritten the dialogue with my help, and we're making a special effort to use NEWGROUNDS audio clips for the game.  If you remember our older works (some of which are sadly removed), some of the characters will be familiar, however we made a special effort to make it so that people not familiar with any of our works will enjoy the characters, the script, the humor, and the gameplay.

Oh, and the games are still nail-bitingly hard, albeit in a more fair way. 


But talk is cheap. You want to see proof that this is a real game, and not some bullshit mockup like before, right? 

SCREENSHOTS (Subject to change):



We're aiming for a November release so be sure to follow myself and BanglaBoy96 for more updates and goodies!



Let me know what you think!

New Game Teaser

2014-06-13 17:52:05 by Mia

This is a teaser for a new game I'm making and am too lazy to give out any info on, because I'm making it up as I go along.


I return.

2014-06-12 10:36:52 by Mia

This is Mia, and I'm back
I been away for a while, but I'm back to kick some butt at Newgrounds.

You thought I had died, and I did, but I'm back and I'm me! I never even got much of a chance to try out this rich text news post editor! It's nice!

And yeah. I'm making Flash again.

Sorry about the loss of my old flash, if you are sick enough to DESPARATELY want to play an old game or movie of mine, shoot me a pm, and I can link the project or whatever.

My first new flash is Dodge the Bacon: Revolution, a title NG wouldn't fit. It's a remake of Dodge the Bacon, which I made for April Fools Day 2010 (Kevin Bacon Day). It was a shit game where you'd dodge pieces of bacon with your mouse cursor and it was so easy to just fucking cheat. I stumbled upon it yesterday, and decided I'd do a remake!


So yeah.